Summer 2016

Following on the international workshop we co-organized last year, we aim to coordinate faculty historians from the disciplines of performance, literature, visual art, music, and related fields who work in local archives on the history of performance and resistance. Our October, 2015 event on our campus featured seven accomplished scholars from France, Canada and the U.S., including Tulane faculty and two archivists working at research institutions in New Orleans.

We seek to broaden this initial working group by contacting faculty and young researchers. Our goal is to develop new projects and methods for approaching the history of performance in the Francophone Circum-Atlantic world.


With assistance from the Lavin Bernick grants at Tulane University, we are currently designing a multi-year, multi-disciplinary working group with international dimensions, anchored on our campus. We seek to connect to faculty and graduate students working on issues of identity and performance in historical contexts and using archives on our campus or in our city.

Our current goals include: recruiting more faculty on campus, connecting with faculty in related fields working on archives in the city and also with affiliations to institutions other than Tulane, both US and international. We will be applying for further funding for future events and working on liaison with archives and outreach to potentially interested archivists and faculty.

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